Friday, 15 June 2007

friday favourites

I've just decided to post a 'few of my favourite things' to end the week. I may not have time or energy over the weekend for computering. Saturday we will be going to an Anti-War March, and Sunday is Ashy's birthday party. Its a dress-up party, and I still have to make Ari's costume. Ari is going dressed as a turtle, and Ash as a lion - he wants to be the king! Will have photos to show next week.
In the meantime, here's a few of my special photos or subjects:

My photo board, above my desk. Has a small selection of very magical images of very special people. And, yes, it is just boring cork board - I would love to have the artist abilities to turn it into something like this, or even a staple gun to cover it in fabric! In the meantime, the daily love I receive from looking at these glowing family photos is more than enough...

He was being a bit cheeky this day, not wanting to be part of the group photos. So, instead I took these and ended up with some classic shots. Ash is wonderful to photograph. Firstly, he is such a great-looking kid, secondly he loves posing and playing it up for the camera, so is very easy to get good images of. That full-faced grin is his usual 'smile photo face'. It doesn't hurt that his mum has an excellent sense of style - for herself and him.

I think that soon Mish is going to start the funny little bumping of learning to crawl. I keep thinking that I remember nothing of Ari's babyness, but then Mish seems to remind me by doing it all over again.

My sister just passed this amazing top along to me. It used to be my mums, but I don't have any recollection of her wearing it. Yellow really was her colour, nor is it mine - so I probably won't ever wear this top. But I will enjoy looking at it everyday. Its silk, with little mother-of-pearl buttons. Check out the flickr photo for notes.

Just a simple photo of the random things on my dining table, one day. The little crane coin purse is a favourite find from ebay. The peacock card I brought home from my overseas adventure (years ago). I'm still slowly reading the InsideOut magazine.

Sylvia gave me the flowers for my birthday. They ended up lasting more than three weeks. The final one still on my alter table. Oriental lilies are amongst my most favourite of all flowers. These particular ones were an amazing deep pink, with an intoxicating perfume. I loved changing their water and recutting / rearranging the stems. The angels hanging in the window are handmade two-and-a-half years ago, by a group of friends in my backyard. They are Steiner based. We've had them dancing in our window, and I'm not sure I ever want them to go. I love the memory of the day, as well as the memory of my Steiner primary education.

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