Friday, 22 June 2007

solstice fires

Yesterday was Winter Solstice, with the fire lighting....

As well as Ash's 5th birthday....with the candle lighting.
Sylv had a lovely party to celebrate. Lots of talking and laughing and eating - generally enjoying family time. My eldest sister, Anouk came up to visit, with her two little ones, and stayed with us for a few days. The time always goes too quickly, yet is so important to be able to enjoy together. We love watching the interaction and infectious laughter of our babes. More photos.

I've finally started a bit more sewing. I have so many ideas in my head, but never the time. As I don't have a dedicated spot to sew I have to set up on our dining table, which means spurts of inspiration and lots of tidying. And a two-year old who doesn't really understand the concept of a sewing needle.
I made a door snake tonight out of some beautiful linen-like fabric I brought back from Thailand many life times ago. After all this windy wind we've been having, we need something for our front door. But, its a very hungry snake and the 1kg of soybeans I bought wasn't enough to fill it up. So, currently I have a half-full tube waiting for finishing details. I think Ari wants me to sew eyes on it, or something like that. He thought it was a strange thing to be making - a snake... but being a child, accepts things easily.
I also sewed some 'jarmie pants for him. I've had the flannelet fabric (yellow with orange stars) for ages, but hadn't got around to making a pant pattern. Thank you Anouk for letting me use your pattern. Ari wanted to wear the pants to bed tonight, without any elastic or hems - so I suppose likes them.
Hopefully the sewing moments continue, as I want to try my hand at making some patterns similar to this or this (when I showed Ari the website before bed, he wanted me to make them straight away!!). I'll let you know how I go -drawing my own pattern shape and choosing the fabrics. I said to Ari that we'd make one for Ash as well, but he wanted to keep them all for himself! I have so many other thoughts clattering about in my head, I hope this blog can start to be inspiring in it own crafty way (like the many that I read almost daily!).

Anyway, its goodnight now. We're heading into the city tomorrow. Finally a new (maternity) bra for me, and we'll go to the library and get a card for Ari (and pay off our fees!!), and hopefully find some lovely stories.

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