Sunday, 23 September 2007

doing, making, baking, dancing, being

Big Ted was allowed to have icecream and biscuit at dinner time, while Ari had to eat his dinner. Felt food that I've been enjoying sewing lately.

We've been in :: out :: round-a-bout :: up :: down :: turn-a-round of late. Lots of things, and not much happening all at once. Seems like every day going out, visiting, playing at the park, yoga, meeting friends, driving (did I mention that I finally got my licence a few weeks ago.. Yes finally, I'm 29 and can now drive all on my own!). All this constantness has been good and bad.

Good, in terms of the kids seem to be getting a bit crazy and bored at home lately. Our back room is still in mess-mode from kitchen reno stuff :: paint, wood, junk, old oven, etc... So not a heap of space for crafting and that sort of thing. We have been making do in other ways, some not as successful as others. We've discovered some lovely new parks and had fun with friends, and done a good deal of driving and learning how to try and be quiet for Mama in the car. Good that we can be out in the lovely weather, pushing our toes into dirt, swinging on swings, having Mama's full attention while on our little outings.

Bad in the sense that nothing has been getting done at home lately. Washing piling up, mess attracting more mess. Also that general tiredness that happens to us all when we are out so much. Sometimes it really is wonderful just to be at home and not have to :: want to go and be somewhere else. Its good just to sit and talk, talk, talk. Have our own space, things, noise. Not feel as if we are encroaching on someone else, or that they are taking our airspace, play-space, good spot in the shady grass.

We've been making bread lately. A few batches. Finally I have a new good oven A real oven. Previous to this we've either had gas ovens or a convection/microwave thing my Grandma gave us second-hand. I love my new oven, even though I'm still learning how best it works. So far our baking has been quite successful.

Baking bread, the kneading especially always reminds me of my Mum. She used to make wonderful bread, pungent aroma, soft, fluffy, so tasty buttered warm. I have such warm thoughts of her strong arms and hands pushing and pulling the dough into the rams head shape. I love doing this when I make bread. I never mix it by machine, and don't have a bread maker machine to bake it in. This is one thing that I feel I always want to be able to feel and be a part of all the processes.

It has been a bit hard to achieve things as of late. Mish won't sit on her own for long at all. I hope its just a little 'phase' she's going through, but she cries and cries or moans to be picked up. And not by anyone but Mama. She's teething and I'm hoping that this is the primary reason for this little bit of needing cuddles and more attention. She has just started calling "Meh ma-mam". I love those first real "words", evolving from necessity. Along with teething and talking, she has finally started with real dedication to learn to crawl. A few little knee moves while up on all fours, and pulling herself reaching out for something. Previous to this she has been doing the backwards slide. Downward dog is a great little pose she's showing a lot of. Yet, thoughout all this, her smiles are getting bigger, her laughing so cheerful and directed.

Rock Around the Clock tonight. "Mummy look at what time it is".

Ari too, has been quite trying of late. The cheekiness has crept up on us over the past few months. And our little kid, who was such a sweet natured and quiet boy, is showing us more and more of his determination and willful side. I am trying every day to give him more and more leniency and learn how to not yell - I mean, it's no use as he doesn't listen to yelling any more or less than he listens to quiet talk. I think, hope that I'll work out better ways of being with him through this stage of asserting himself.

Dancing round and round.

One little thing I've found, apart from trips to the park or shop or friends, is listening to music. We've had Hullabaloo on repeat for the last few days. And all three of us have danced and jumped and sung and laughed around the kitchen. Such simple ways of enjoying ourselves, and being together and having easier days.

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