Monday, 19 November 2007


We have just spent a lovely long weekend at my Grandmas house, down the coast near the beach. You can't walk to the beach from her house, a very short drive, but she lives at the top of a big hill, so the view is magnificent. I've loved just looking out at the sparkling blue, with little patches of white boat or water breaking on far-out rocks. We went swimming almost each morning and afternoon. Well, swimming as best can with one adult and two little kids (who can't swim, one who can't even stand up!). The water was cold, refreshing, energising, enlivening, laughing. It was wonderful to watch both my little ones enjoying the water, sand, shells, rocks, fish caught in the tidepools. Ari carried handfuls of sand from one place, almost like there was none where he was taking it! Mishi crawling through the water, slapping it and laughing.
This post was finally published 7th January 2008. Since this beach trip we have made it to Noosa once for a holiday with some friends, and haven't actually made it to my Grandma's for more visiting and swimming. Soon the Summer will slip away and the kids will grow and I will have this little regret that I didn't take them enough times to the beach. The ocean that my Mother loved so tremendously - she used to squeal and cry out, she would drink the salty water, and jump and dive through the waves.

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