Friday, 8 February 2008

breakfast at warhol's

This is (l - r) :: me, my Dad + my sister, Sylvia. In the photobooth at the Andy Warhol exhibition at GOMA. We went today. I like going to exhibitions with my Dad - he is a very intelligent person, he knows so much about so many things. Wish I knew a little bit about a few things! He tells me things about the artist or muscian or event or process or artwork.

A lot of who I am comes so strongly from my parents - who they are, who they helped me to be, the way they helped me be me, yet educated me to look outside myself as well. Dad is my hero!

These breakfast images I took a few days ago - one morning when Mishi was having a very early nap, and I had quiet breakfast, thinking and photographing time. By quiet I mean, just Ari was there talking to me, wanting to share my toast, or me to make him something else.

I would really like to have more time for styling + photographing my mundane moments :: eating, cooking, folding clothes, reading. But these moments seem to just happen, without being able to stop and think too much about it. I hope by the time my children are big enough for me to do things like that, that I am still inspired in the mundane. I think I will be :: probably I'll enjoy the time and space for these activities so much, that I'll want to record them.

These particular images are very inspired by simply breakfast who sure has a varied and interesting, delicious looking diet. A lot of inspiration in Amanda's 30 days in photos. And the noticing project is beautiful everyday moments - I love the name. And, of course, six one way continues to make me smile at the snippets of life with kids.


  1. I love your spoon! I'm a spoon maniac.

  2. I love your blog. It's beautiful.

    And I love my Dad so I like that theme too. Dads are great.

  3. Just found you from Sarah at Still Life in Yarn! Loving your blog... great pictures!

    And the Andy Warhol exhibit looks amazing. What a great souvenier!


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