Wednesday, 26 March 2008

just like that

Just like that it's been close to two weeks since I last wrote here. My days have been constant, not necessarily 'busy', but just constant. As happens with two little ones, and the general family life that has been enveloping our days.

My sister and her (almost) six-year son have been staying with us since last week. This has been so wonderful, yet so intense, and overwhelming, and noisy, and tiring.

There are so many things battering about in my head to get out - yet also a sort of silence. Well, maybe the thoughts are there, bumping together, but not making enough electricity to turn into real sentences or words.... ??? I am thinking in monotone some days, in overtone other days. (Oh, please don't ask me what that actually means - those words just popped out!).

Sewing has been slow of late, but living has been fast and energetic and inspiring. I have spent days of just being with the children. Of not turning the computer on, or not getting any fabric out, of not having expectations (or wants or desires) of achieving anything other than just being with them.

Today we made a big mess of our dining table, and cut and glued and drew and planned and constructed. We made insects and flowers, and a "jungle" in our front room. We had a tea party for morning tea, with lots of guests; some of them had a nap afterwards. We had a concert in the backyard. We had tickles and laughs and silly flying games. We crawled and roared like monsters. The boys went bike-riding with Sylve. We had ice-creams, and Easter eggs/bunnies. And, miraculously, we cleaned it all up before the day was done - well, most of it anyway.
I made bread again (I have been making it generally every second day of late). And felt totally satisfied with the strength in my arms to 'push and pull, push and pull' while I kneaded and worked the dough. I made a crayon roll to give to a friend tomorrow, and felt satisfaction in my ability to start and finish a sewing project in one night. I enjoyed the things I achieved, and didn't feel bad about the things I didn't quite get to doing. (PS - I washed the dishes, and the nappies, and vacuumed the floor after a glass was broken. I can't remember if I had a shower or brushed my hair today).

I am finally announcing the winner of my 100th Post Giveaway! I have decided to give a special gift to all the beautiful readers who left a comment. So, please email me your address, but don't be rushing to your mail boxes as I know I won't be able to get it all done before at least half-way through April. Congratulations: Beth, Annie, Matroskin, Tonya, Blossom Creations, Amy, Jade, Melissa, djbebe.I hope you all like what I create for you.

Good night. xxx
Added: Sorry everyone, I thought my email address was somewhere on my profile; it's not!


  1. Me just now: reading along, loving it, feeling it, recognizing the mother-ways and did I say loving it? And the "loving it" meaning: recognizing the mother-kinship found, which makes me adore your blog.

    And then, whoa, is that me?


    Address to come.


    PS Thanks! For the post and the eventual surprise. :)

  2. Anonymous5:33 am

    Ditto what Amy said! Woohoo! I was just happily reading along, thinking that I need to get off of the computer and do something with my kids.

    I need to make some bread. Today. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous5:34 am

    Hey Ellie! I can't seem to find your email address. Do tell!

  4. ooo that's me! yay for you and your blog! I like the flowers and the insects - a very lovely arrangement.


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