Monday, 7 April 2008

immense satisfaction

Firstly:: I want to say thank you to everyone for your thoughtful and kind and heartwarming comments about my Mum. When I had planned to write that post, it was going to be different - about how I felt at five years I was missing my Mum more than previous years. But what I wrote just came out of me. And, I suppose, that letting it spill out was an indication (to me) of my continued immense grief for my Mum. Even if I don't cry about her, and achingly miss her all the time. Thank you, also, for sharing your stories with me. And thanks to the dear friend who rang me up last night, such a lovely little chat.

We have all been sick for more than a week - flu and snuffy noses and not much sleeping. We are all still working through it, but night-time sleeps are getting better (and hopefully the constant train-works noise from across the street has stopped). Mishi has been having difficulty with sleeping, so her day-time naps have been minimal, if at all this week.

Despite this, I am really proud of the crafting I have achieved this week. This cushion cover was a gift for a family member's 60th Birthday a few weeks ago. I only got one finished in time to deliver to him, the other one has now been completed and will be posted this week. I really like the design that I made up for this - I came up with it while breastfeeding Mishi. Those moments can often be so reflective and I seem to think and plan so many things. The cushion doesn't have button holes, just a really big envelope back - I don't really like sewing button holes, so try to plan around that process.
Last week I made a new cushion cover for us too. I'm going to make some more in the next few weeks, as we have spare cushions with falling apart covers! I love laying my head on this cushion, on the couch. It is soft, yet has strength. But, mostly, I made it - and feel pride looking at it and using it. Simple strip piecing, with lots of over-stitching details and then a great red Indian cotton (from Ikea), as the main body.
I also made some new pyjama pants for both the kids. I know they are so easy to make, once I get down to actually sewing them. But in my house it is generally much harder to actually get to the sitting down part! Soft flannelet with little rocking horses on it - at first Ari said that it was too babyish, and he didn't want any, but on seeing Mishi's he changed his mind. Luckily I had already made them.
And while all of this is making me feel basically contented that I'm completing little things (though not enough for the market stall in less than two weeks....), the thing that is giving me the most pleasure is the fact that I am remembering how to embroider. I grew up with a Mum sewing, stitching, knitting, crocheting, potting, making bread, pies, cakes...... So, of course, I learnt all these (and more). And, of course, over the years I have neglected so many of these everyday arts.
Well, just a few nights ago I picked up an embroidery hoop and some calico and embroidery thread and..... I am totally addicted. I am taking it slowly. Relearning stitches from a great book (Creative Needlecraft - published in 1979) that my Dad pulled out of his bookshelves (which are bursting with the world). I am planning on using some small embroidered pieces on little purses that I'll be making for the market. I feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction looking at this humble piece of work, that I have made with my own hands.

Another great thing is that both the boys really like it too. And they don't need too much assistance with it - except that with their big stitches they use thread quickly, and it needs to be replenished often. I am trying to impress upon them that it's a quiet, sitting down, relaxing kind of activity - not standing and wiggling and jumping and.......


  1. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Very cute pictures of your little guy! And loving your projects. I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

  2. what fun to embroider with your little ones! Can't wait to see how the purses turn out.


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