Saturday, 31 May 2008

when inspiration motivates me

Yesterday I was sitting at my sewing machine, stitching a little bit more on the pair of pants (for Ari) that have been taking oh way too long. Sam and Ari were sitting in the room with me, Mishi was asleep. I looked up at the sweet little wooden postcards that I bought recently from a shop in the Valley.
Right then and there I abandoned the sewing, and jumped up to save the lovely cards, that were curling up due to the rain we've been having. You see they are made from thin slithers of wood. Please check them out here, such fun designs and they use sustainably harvested wood. There are heaps more designs that I like.
I remembered that we had two second-hand wooden frames, that we bought ages ago. Using some thick blue Indian cotton (from Ikea, a while ago, via my fabric cupboard), I decided to frame the postcards. I did it very quickly, and not worrying too much about neatness - I just cut the fabric and taped it using double-sided sticky tape. And the postcards themselves are just sitting on top of the fabric.

And boy, don't they look good. Leaning against the shelf in our kitchen - where we've enjoyed looking at our birthday cards this whole week. Not perfectly straight in the frames, it doesn't matter. I did it all in less than 15minutes. No procrastinating or thinking about it, or waiting until the kids were asleep - or I had better equipment. I just jumped up and did it. While Sam vacuumed the floors and Ari sat beside me asking what I was doing.

I can see them sitting in the kitchen, when I look up the hallway from the couch in the lounge room. They look finished, and 'real', and I enjoy walking into the kitchen and seeing them. We don't have many framed photos or artwork in our house, or hooks on the wall to hang things. So, having something framed looks more finished and professional that just the bits of paper normally stuck up randomly.
Yes, more shots of the red kitchen. But, I love that red kitchen. And soon, we may not be here. So, I'm going to take as many red kitchen photos as I can. It's not the red that we originally wanted, the paint shop mixed it wrong, so the trim doesn't match - we already changed it once, and doing it again seems too daunting for Sam, who did the massive job on his own last time.

Things about my house I really hate, dislike, want to hide and change. But when I look at my home, there are so many things that I love. There really is a big difference between a house and a home. When we move I don't think I'll miss this house, but I'll miss this home.
So, you see, when the inspiration hits me sometimes it motivates me too. I wish this happened more often. Maybe then I'd be one of those people who actually got stuff achieved!


  1. that is something that I need to be so much better about - acting when inspiration strikes.

    I love your red kitchen too. Why might you be leaving it?

  2. Your new little postcards look great - especially in that red, red kitchen!
    You've inspired me to get up and go do some framing of my own (so many images hiding in folios and boxes in our house!)


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