Sunday, 8 June 2008

what we wore

I just wanted to show you what I wore today. A plain grey t-shirt. With a refashioned skirt - originally a short and skimpy dress (not so good on breastfeeding Mamas!), snipped quickly this morning it fits my hips well, zip already in perfect spot, though I do plan to properly finish the snipped seam, it's quite okay for now. My old old old - so loved - mohair jumper; given to me by my Mum and Dad possibly 15 years ago, all worn out, especially on the elbows, but I love it so much - for more than it's warmth and colour and feel, for it's memories. And the necklace Sam made me for Mother's Day, using the beads I have from my Mum.
And what Mishi wore yesterday. The green shirt and red floral pants that Sam put on her, to keep warm. Topped by a blue stripey dress that I made her, which is too big, so waiting for Summer - but she insists on trying things on. Wrapped up in a piece of fabric I had in my hands when she wondered into the room, and requested (demanded!) me to put on her. I was wondering if the floral would be good for a skirt for her, possibly shirred, but I think those big flowers might be too much, too big for a little creature. What do you think?

I keep wondering where Mishi gets this thing of needing to dress up, choose her prettiest clothes, be fussy about what she's wearing. At not even 16months, she's quite particular about what we put on her. She wears hats and handbags around the house, wants to put things one. Chooses her clothes, and lays them on the couch in preparation for getting dressed for the day.

Yesterday I spied her leaning into the bottom drawer of her cupboard, seeing what she wanted to wear. Like a teenager...

I must make more exciting, special, treasures for Ari to wear. He feels left out when people are constantly saying how cute and pretty Mishi looks. Most of his clothes are passed down (from my in-laws next door neighbours), so they are good quality, but not styles or colours, and definitely not prints (logos, brands, etc), that I would choose. But, really how can we say no to four+ years of good clothes. That keep on coming, and are still good for the next hand-down. Any ideas on how I can spunk him up a bit, in his very 'boy' clothes - make him a bit more handmade, unusual, himself?


  1. Oh, you'll have a teenager sooner than you can say "stylish"... You both look very cute and very much like nice people!

    I know what you mean with the boy's clothes problem I think shops are filled with ugly, camouflage patterned, or grey-brown-black clothes. I've always resented logos and trade marks on my children's clothes. Which included taking the fight for not letting them wear pocahontas t-shirts and stuff like that. Right noe the big fight between me and my 5-year old son is that I don't let him wear Spiderman stuff. We made a compromise on Spiderman socks...

    Just like you I always used a lot of second-hand clothes and couldn't always afford to be picky. I think a lot can be re-styled and turned into other, better things. But sometimes you just let it be, don't you..

    My daughters' best friend growing up was the neighbour's son. The neigbours bought a tie for him at a thrift shop, in golden leather. It made him feel as dressed up as the girls when there was a birtday party or Christmas or just any day that needed to be hotter.

  2. I wish I could help with clothes ideas for Ari, but cannot.

    Just have to say how very adorable Mishi looks in the photos!

  3. Your stories about your little girl and boy sound very similar to my own! My 18mth old little miss is so into hats, bags and scarves and loves her clothes! My little boy's wardrobe is full of quality hand-me-downs and not a lot of my own fun creations for him ... Which leaves me wondering what I can make for him too. (I have made a little jacket for him and bedroom accessories)

  4. tiny happy often has good ideas for boy clothes, and I think there is a flickr group 'sewing for boys' or something like that. Soule mama also has lots of ideas - and her boys are most definitely 'unusual and themselves'.

  5. lily boot9:52 am

    Completely agree with Anna - I am dismayed by the aggressive, marketing-focussed, and military styles employed for boys clothes - especially marketing for m rated films! Just as awful are the playboy bikinis for 3 year old girls, etc. etc. I have found it even more difficult as my little girl has grown up - large stores and clothing companies seem to designate size 8 as the end of childhood and then it's onto to pre-teen market - ugh! But as for dressing up - it is such a delightful and creative part of childhood - Abby used to love wearing her own mix of clothing and would cheerfully walk down Burke Road, Melbourne on frigid days clad in an assortment of pinafores, leggings, scarves and hats - with no sleeves. I saw a little girl at the shopping centre one day in striped tights, a little long sleeved t-shirt, beads, ballet slippers and a velvet hat, skipping proudly alongside her mum - I'm sure her mum needed the - "She dressed herself" sign!


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