Tuesday, 29 July 2008

looking for dreams

Today we went for a drive down the coast, to the Gold Coast Hinterland. Looking at houses, land, possibilities of a new home for our family. I'm not sure we found our new home, but we had a lovely day. And some dreaming, and new questions. And, well a very lovely day with beautiful views.

Ari declared that it was a good day for going to the park - we agreed with him. The sweet little park we stopped at, in the middle of 'now where', where we had our picnic and played and played. And Mishi learnt after only a few tries how to climb the big steps so she could go down the slippery slide - backwards, on her tummy!
The park was next to a little creek. We were sure that fairies lived there; creek fairies, and sunlight fairies, and maybe grass fairies.

Peeking down driveways (the real estate didn't want to set up any viewings as we hadn't sold our house yet), and looking at "For Sale" signs, and rewriting real estate advertising - they are good at that aren't they!
We came home, all tired from the long drive. The kids watched a bit of afternoon tv, and Sam checked his car forum (on the internet). I went into the back yard with a coffee, to sit in the late afternoon (and getting quite cold) sun, and soaked up a few pleasures in my current garden. Joined by our cat.

I dreamt of *real* blueberry trees, rather than the straggly stick with a few blossoms that we have. And envisioned the vegie patch, and fruit groves, and the flower and herb gardens.

Sometimes I live on dreams. They are what get me through a day of living in a messy house, or whingy kids (or yelling mum!), or over-due bills. For a while now I have been living in this house and dreaming daily about our new home. I have moved out of this house, in my fantasy world, and now have a large sprawling acreage with space for many trees, and a hiding places for us and the fairies. In an old Queenslander house, with space for my own sewing room, and pot belly fireplace, and studio for Sam and me to *build our dream business*.

Actually, simply space to stop and be still, to hear the birds, to watch the flowers and the vegies grow, to feel the breeze and the water tumbling over our toes. To sit or run or dance or sing as our hearts desire.
A place for dreams to happen, to come true.
:: I've realised that we took no photos of the glorious views, so I'm sorry, you'll have to take my word for how magical the place is. And hopefully there'll be a next time ::

Does anyone know what this plant is? I bought it years ago, as a tiny leafy thing. It dies down each year, and has now sent up this amazing brilliant red bud. The base is like a big fat bulb, with red speckled leaves. I will take more photos as the flower opens further.

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  1. I hope that you are able to find your dream house. I'm constantly trying to find mine. Sometimes I get parts right while other parts of the dream get pushed aside. I hope to still find the home that gives me a settled feeling. Wishing you a quick house sale.


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