Saturday, 19 July 2008

too many words

I have about four or more half written posts, but they have all meandered off onto so many topics, that I don't know which direction my thoughts are rambling. I've decided instead of trying to reign in my thoughts, that I will just offer you some images (with a little commentary) of our past few days.

My now very tidy dressing table. The before was terrible. I packed a lot of my jewellery into a box; haven't been able to wear lots of it since having kids. Maybe at the new house I'll be able to start wearing earrings again!

Our crazy, yet so lovable Auntie Sylve visited yesterday. She likes a good pose or two!

Making faces. Mishi copies everything that Ari does, which is wonderful - and scary. Ari is wearing a singlet that I screenprinted about 10+ years ago, at TAFE; it was in my throw outs, yet looks great on him.

This is how I like my kids looking. I made the pants for Ari, matches with a plain shirt (rather than the printed logo things he often wears; they are all hand-downs). Mishi's dress is from Seed, with a really lovely Indian-style shirt underneath; a hand-down from Sylve.
The boy eats salad! He made it himself, and then happily ate the whole bowl, declaring "hmmmm, yes, quite yummy".

Trying to get a little bit of embroidery done; didn't happen - too much tree climbing and running and playing.

Embroidery thread + rusty old tin :: more of my Mum's craft boxes, that we are slowly starting to use; rather than letting it rust into oblivion.
Milk. She pats my chest and says "mek", and when she's had enough she pulls away and says "finshd" and smiles - oftentimes when she's meant to be going to sleep.
Playing dress-ups, and doing a show. Packing boxes - we are slowly packing up our house, decluttering to put it on the market. And then move into our dream house :: well, we can dream anyway.

You can see more at my flickr, which I have finally uploaded some more images to.
I made a decision today, that in order for me to keep this blog, and my flickr, updated as often as I would wish; that I will not (CAN NOT) look at other people's blog until I have done what I want on my own blog first. Rather than doing all the blog visiting that I indulge in; I think at the moment my only addiction......

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  1. So much going on! Good rule about blogging, maybe I should try that... Oh I went to see the Diaspora exhibition on Friday - it was really interesting!


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