Monday, 10 November 2008


..........translates as pillow.
I started these about a week ago, cut them out and pinned them; then was distracted by needing to make dinner and play with the kids, and that general sort of life thing.So, about a week later I finally managed to finish them - a few moments of quiet. I should have been doing other sewing, but really wanted to get these simple projects off my desk, and also wanted to see the smiles on their faces when I showed them to the children.
I let them each choose which fabric they wanted - editing a few choices, and not offering some fabrics from my stash! For the whole week Mishi kept coming and playing with the pinkish Kaffee Fassett print; she loves it so much. She has a dress made out of it too. And points to it, saying 'pink, green, blue, red...'The sweet bunnies (which Ari choose) are from some lovely friends who stayed with us a while ago, when they first moved back to Oz from Japan. We miss you Dan and Aya - can't wait to see you again, soon. The plain blue is a really lovely cotton (?) I bought home from Thailand, about a million years ago. It's got a great dense feel to it, thick and loosely woven. I've actually been doing some embroidery on it this past week, some little totes for the market stall.And the fabric Ashey choose is a circus retro sort of style; bright and fun - the only animal circus I'll look at! It came from Spotlight, only a few weeks ago (so if you like it, you'd better be quick, as it was on sale).

All kids love their pillows. Mishi carries her around, plopping down on the kitchen floor, or arranging Jemima Annabella for a little sleep. She snuggles her pwiwhwo, and tells me she's happy. Like it!
Anything to make your kid smile hey.


  1. So pretty! I love your fabrics.

  2. Oh she is so sweet. And the tiny feet behind the pillow - so cute. And the pillows are beautiful. I love the colors! You did a really good job!


  3. aw. :^) you just brought back a really happy memory of sewing a tiny pillow and quilt for my older son's bunny when he was 2.

  4. I totally agree. Anything to make them smile.

    Nice pillows!

  5. Good choices, those fabrics are terrific!

  6. Great fabrics, lovely pillows. I know what you mean about getting those projects off your desk - I'm trying to do that now...


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