Thursday, 6 November 2008


Not many words forming at the moment, for me - so just a selection of our weekend down at my Dad's house. Please look here for the whole flickr set. We had a lovely time - walking, and watching the rain, and being looked after by my Dad.
Ari got to sleep in granddad's bed, which was quite exciting for him. And wonderful for me to hear my son and my dad chatting in the morning time; well, mainly Ari chatting, and my Dad trying to get a few extra moments of sleep!
Beautiful time, too, with my brother and nephew.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful light in the photos. I really love them. This one and this one really speak to me. So many moments in my Dad's house seem to be held in time. A memory for me, when I visit. I know this isn't quite true - as my Dad is there everyday. But I suppose my Dad lives in a way that lets things be, just be, around him. And he doesn't feel the need to interfere with everything. Not to say that things aren't up-kept and appreciated, and important to him.
(Hmmmm. what am I saying now....? I think I know but...). Just enjoy the photos, please.


  1. Wow, the photos are so beautiful!

  2. You are a very talented photographer! The photos are beautiful and they speak to me too. And watching them got me thinking that the saying " a photo says more than a thousand words..." really is so very true!

    Thank you so much for charing!

  3. I love the collage of photos. Truly a snapshot in time.

  4. love these images - beautiful!


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