Monday, 8 December 2008

hottest day :: over

Hmmm... not a lot of crafting been shown here lately. But it's been happening, lots of it. Little by little, bit by bit. A stitch here and a stitch there - between kids wanting me for something or other. However we got there, we did in the end - get there.Despite being an intensely crazy hot day on Saturday the GOMA market was excellent. So much fun, and lots of fantastic feedback from our customers and other stallholders, and some very in-the-know people!A lovely lady came up and knew us! She said that she'd seen our cards in the Tweed Gallery, and had seen us 'round the web. Steph of surely knows her design stuff. It felt so good to have her know our name; and chat to us about our products. Steph told us a few links of other people in the know, who like to help out handcrafted and small new businesses. Very supportive.
We also had Kelley, from the new(ish) eco fashion and homewares magazine Peppermint, start chatting to us very encouragingly, and helpfully. She was open and honest, offering us names of green and local suppliers. Someone who we will be contacting in the (hopefully near) future for promotion and advertising...
Onto our range and our products. We sure have been busy. Designing and screen-printing, and sewing sewing sewing. And lots of planning, and lists, and talking. It was good to have that deadline for us to get a solid(ish) product range of what we want to go forward with.
This Red Seed Studio thing is real for us. Not a hobby, not just for fun. We so want to make this work. It's just the working out how to make it work???So, what do you think about our products? (click on the pictures to get detailed info about them). We sold out of a few things - greeting cards were very popular, as well as our little zippered screen-printed purses. Having a market is a great way to see what people like, or want different. It's also a great way to meet some lovely, friendly and talkative people who are interested in what you're doing.
My two favourite stalls at the market were the beautifully talented Fliss of Udder, and the fun graphics and bright-popping colour of Kate's Red Chalk. Be sure to check out these local designers.


  1. Hi Elli,
    oh wow, that looked like a great market to be !! Yeah for selling well, you sure deserve it. Just discovered your blog & website, but I've seen enough good work to make my eyes glow !! :D Have a great week ! :)

  2. So happy for you! You really must work well together, all those beautiful goodies.

  3. Thanks for your kind words Ellie! Your products were real stand-outs.
    Best wishes,

    Steph Bond

  4. Wow, what great items...I LOVE those pillows, very cute! Good luck with everything! :)


  5. Looks like a great market day! Congrats

  6. Oh my grace! Look at you and all of the wonderful things you've been working on!!! I'm so excited for you! Hugs!!

  7. This is lovely! I really like the little zippered pouches and the cards with the red hearts on long red stems - very simply pretty.

    I hope things go for you! I looked at your Red Seed Studio page and I like the simplicity of it.

    I'm glad we've bumped into each other here in blog land!


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