Thursday, 18 December 2008

a warmth in my heart

This little space is making me very happy at the moment.My sewing desk has, of late, been in our dingy junky back room - with the roof-scratching brush/bush turkey next door making dreadful noise, and the sight of the laundry piling up at the other end of the room. Not very motivating to get any fun sewing projects done, let along work stuff.
So, because we still haven't moved house (not good house-selling economy at the moment), I keep rearranging our furniture, so that I feel like we have changed something. My desk is now in our front room, light-filled, part of the whole house (I can see the tv from my desk, work and watch Project Runway), the kids can play in the lounge-room or on the front porch, and I can still be there with them.Picked these flowers at the park yesterday. I think wisteria, but not a vine, a proper tree. Hmmmm tree wisteria? (Can't find anything by doing searches. Internet, how can you not find what I need!).And this beautiful laser-cut card arrived in the post yesterday from my dear dear friend. Thank you Stef, I love it so much. She always chooses beautiful cards. I'll have to get them out and show you, another day. Fabric cards, with texture. And of course, the words inside are always always the parts I cherish. Words written from my best friend, who knows me so well. And, who is a natural and talented and honest writer.
Something else that made me totally spark up this afternoon was :: being in the city and seeing one of my bags on the shoulder of a stranger! I remember that I sold it at a market stall I had in June. I almost put my hand out and talked to her, actually, I'm not quite sure why I didn't. But, the pleasure and joy of seeing something from me being enjoyed by someone was so so lovely.
So, hopefully I'll have some time over the next week for some of the sewing that is itching in my head. A stitch here and there is all the kids will allow me, but that's better than nothing.
I hope you are all enjoying your moments of peace and family time and preparation. Seven sleeps! I'm starting to get excited. Today I got out the CD that Tonya sent us last year for our Traditions Swap - lots of fun and dancing.


  1. happy holidays to you & your beautiful family! :^)

  2. I, too, play the furniture rearrange game. All of the time. Trying to make do in a space way too small for us. But seemed like a good idea at the time. I've tucked all of my crafting supplies downstairs in a closet. So then when I want to craft, I have to dig for it all and drag it all out. Suggestions? We have one large living space and then three bedrooms. I'm stumped.

  3. Hi Ellie ! :)
    Aww what a dear picture of you & your little ones !! So nice to see you ! You're a handsome mom of three little treasures ! :D
    Oh wow, it must have felt so great to see one your bags on someone else's shoulder !! Such a sweet surprise ! But I'm not very surprised, your bags are so beautiful.
    I hear you so much on re-arranging the furniture so it looks a bit different. I do that regularly, and it feels nice everytime. :D
    Merry Christmas to you & yours, Ellie ! xoxo


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