Wednesday, 7 January 2009

view from my sewing table :: inspiration


  1. These are great photographs. I can see why you would be inspired

  2. I love the way the sun falls on your table. What kind of fruity starry thing is that on your banner?
    A mum can be needed for all sorts of things in a bathroom, from butt wiping to soothen the agony over pimples...I think you're smart though, "bribes" often do the trick. I think you can call it "learning the facts of life - everything has a price".

  3. Sorry, it's just me again. I think stopprocastinating is a splendid word - or two words, then...

  4. I just found you & I have to say I'm a bit startled at how much your space looks like mine! This is a beautiful blog, I'm glad to have found you.


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