Tuesday, 31 March 2009

the long drive :: part 1 :: brown and dry

brown and dry stretched out.
hills that look the same,
but each one so different.
trees that pop up out of the brown, dusty ground.
blue endless sky, puffy clouds.
making me think of Russell Drysdale
or Fred Williams.
stretches of straight long road.
and, surprisingly, lots of talking and drawing and laughing and sleeping (and minimal whinging) from the two little ones in the back.

And the devastating fire remains, when we came into the outskirts of Melbourne.

Thanks to Pip over at Meet me at Mike's for hosting a words & pictures : long drive theme. Perfect nudge for me to show you the spectacular Australian landscape we experienced while driving from Brisbane to Melbourne and back again this past month.Most of these photos were taken while the car was moving - so some of them have that moody feel about them.

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  1. oh, i like this! so different from here. (see my blog today for a very different landscape.)

    the hills. the sunflowers. the brown. it is all very beautiful.


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