Saturday, 9 May 2009

in case you forgot... tomorrow is mother's day

Some Mother's Day love :: ideas.
(in case you happen to read this Sam*, I don't mind if it arrives in the post a tab bit late)."embossed Japanese print silk scarf" by Green Olive Designs; available here. Martine is from Melbourne, Australia.
"count me the stars" by Kylie Johnson - available here. Brisbane, Australia."bird pendant necklace" by That Vintage; available here. Tasmania, Australia.
"linen golden halter with buttons at the back" by BlueSeaBlue ; available here. Brisbane, Australia.
"round shoulder tote rust" by Textilis; available here. Brisbane, Australia.
"snow walker" by Flying Star Toys; available here. Florence Forrest is from Brisbane, Australia.
"flat white eco shopping bag with hemp lining" by WheresBeckyBean; available here. Bec and Jade are from Brisbane, Australia.

Alright I could go on and on. And, really - these are things I want. I'm sure my mum would have loved to receive anything from this list, and even my mother-in-law would be happy with some.
So - breakfast in bed, the dishes done, a beautiful card and a big sloppy kiss, or a phone call to your far-away mother (grandmother, sisters, aunts...).

*Sam does not, ever read this blog; except over my shoulder while I'm writing it occassionally. So, really I know that none of these things are actually going to arrive in the post, unless I treat myself (which happens even less occassionally......).
** all photos sourced from each designer's site.


  1. What a lovely thing to be included in this wonderful collections :)


  2. That's a great list! Hope you did get spoiled on the day :)

  3. you're a corker!!
    i do own one of bec&jades bags and i LOVE it

  4. I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day, with lots of special attention and lovely moments!! Thanks again for including our bag, and I've got to say, that halter top is going straight onto my Christmas wish list (ah yep, I've started it already :P). See you at Brown Owls on Sunday??!!!
    XX Bec

  5. I have "my" mothers day still to look forward to. Its on the 31 of May here in Sweden. Mind if a nick a few of your ideas and send it along to my loved ones? They just might see the light.....Not likely!

    I especially liked the eco shopping bag! My kind of bag!

    Hope you had a lovely day!

  6. I sincerely hope you will get ALL of the gifts listed. Thanks for the tips, Mother's day is two weeks ahead in Sweden...


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