Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Grand Designs :: Infusion Fibers

When I got home today, there was a box waiting for me.
The kids tore it open, to reveal the most beautiful little slippers, that I won over here. Wrapping was so pretty, but we didn't get a photo of that.
Made with lovely blue/black striped cotton ticking, and hemp fabric as the sole and lining, these are special slippers that I know I'll love wearing day in and day out. I have only taken them off twice since I first put them on; one to go for an afternoon walk, the other to hang the clothes on the line.
Abby has such a sweet little blog, over here, with beautiful photos and lovely stories. Her shop is here - I have been eyeing off this dress for a long time now (and the modelling is very very lovely too, Miss Abby).
You can buy your own pair of ticking house shoes, or a selection of others too. Look at these beautiful baby boots; could you get anything cuter.Abby makes all her items using reclaimed, upcycled, organic or sustainable fibres. Her pieces have a timeless and lasting style. Her dresses are versatile and you would wear them for many seasons. And her bags are simple and bold at the same time, would fit with most any outfit, but have their own distinct features to make them stand out.
You can see the quality and work(wo)manship and dedication and love and attention to detail in the pieces that Abby makes.

It's so lovely to meet people like this, who live many seas away, yet has such a warmth and honesty about them, and lives life in a real natural manner.
She also sent me a lovely little zippered purse, made from indigo-dyed organic denim (same beautiful fabric that we use - I recognised it straight away!). And some little shells, that Mishi swished away in a moment - and somehow made through Australian customs.Thank you Abby for this sweet treasure and love you have sent to me.
*all photos by me, except 3rd one down of pink baby boots from Abby of Infusion Fibers.


  1. eek! I just ADORE those baby boots!

  2. Oh how warm they look. I'm freezing my toes off! *jealous*

  3. Oh, my! Those baby boots are too cute!!

  4. Anonymous3:35 am

    ellie, yesterday I started thinking that I should write you to see if your package arrived, wondering if it got hung up somewhere along the way, and look what I have found... this is the sweetest, most touching and thoughtful write-up. I am totally flattered :) Thank you so much and I am so happy you are enjoying everything. xo

  5. lovely, truely lovely.


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