Monday, 29 June 2009

Ms Peppermint :: she's one pretty crafty girl

The cover of the newest issue 0f Peppermint is a beautiful purply hue. It's such a nostalgic cover image, the whole feel. Very Wintry indeed.
I received my issue on Friday and wanted to devour the whole thing instantly. Instead I visited the Avid Reader Little Market, and then the Vintage Fair, and then chocolate mud cake and tea. All with Ms Peppermint herself.
I am slowly reading through the stories. Life is getting in the way!
I so love the handcrafted story, written by Tess Curran. She is the talented features writer for Peppermint - and such a sweet and lovely young woman. It's a must read for every-single one of you. About blogging and crafting and work-at-home-mums. (If you look very closely in the corner of this page, you'll notice that I made these little letters - it was such a fun project, and I feel proud to have been asked to help.)The fashion pages are beautiful. I may be a tad biased, but I do believe that the model on pages 32-39 is something a whole lot of gorgeous and especially beautiful. I showed a sneak peek here, but sorry you'll have to get the mag to see the rest. (okay, okay - just a couple more). There's a lovely little story on Justine of MixtapeZine and also the Kiwi World Sweet World.
As well as a crazy amount of anything else handcrafted, eco, local, realistic, interesting, current, fashionable.......Peppermint has the latest on all that you want to be reading. Printed on 100% recycled paper, with a waterless printing process, right here in Brisbane.
Check out the website, facebook or twitter. For you Brisbanites, we'll be selling Peppermint Issue 3 + subscriptions at our stall at the BrisStyle Indie Designer's Market. This Saturday. 9am - 2pm. St Augustine's Church, Racecourse Road, Hamilton. It will be at newsagents on Friday.

*photos from Peppermint facebook page, have a look here for more sneak peeks.


  1. Oh boo I keep discovering new magazines I need to subscribe to. i should probably start budgeting. Peppermint looks great!

  2. aack! so lovely. did craft hope make the cut???

  3. your sister, right?
    she is beautiful!

    your weekend looked lovely, also! i love the pile of kids! and the "raggle-taggle" line - that's from a story! what story . . . oh! the rolly polly puppy! that's it!

    have a great day!

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  5. Ellie, I was wondering where I'd get my hands on a copy - then I opened the mail and turns out I subscribed a few months ago! (I'm so vague and sleep deprived, the upside is I get nice surprises like this!).
    I'm thoroughly enjoying... and love your little appearances in the mag. THat's sooo great that you made those letters, I love them and was admiring them. Of course I want to make some now, but I'm adding that to the 'inspiration' list.
    PS thanks for your craftstipation comments, you feature a bit in the cures post!

  6. oh i discovered peppermint at the stitches and craft show, it's so beautiful! the new issue looks lovely, so inspiring. i will be visiting your stall on saturday :)

  7. Wow, I did wonder who made the letters because they are SO CUTE!!!!!

    And now I happily know who made such a cute heading!! :D

    I love Peppermint magazine too!!

    And your sister looks great modelling!


  8. Silvia is a SPUNK
    Kelley is divine
    You are pretty damn fine yourself
    I feel honored to be in such good company xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. i got mine in the mail too !! woot

  10. your handsewn letters have been the talk of the town, lady :)

    well done!


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