Sunday, 7 June 2009

new rooms

Our products have just traveled down to the beautiful looking One Small Room. So, if you live in Adelaide, pop in and have a look.This is really a very special looking shop. I know, just by drooling over the website, that Sam and I could spend hours in there; in fact I could move right in and never leave.
A shop that is perfectly styled, yet in a relaxed and natural way.I can't wait to visit and see Red Seed Studio cushions nestled amongst the chairs and feeling at home amongst the day bed. oooohhhh. *all photos from the One Small Room website. Many many more beautiful ones to look at, do go and check it out.
**UPDATED to show you the beautiful bird themed window display - and look, hey - that's our red bird cushion. Feels so magical and wonderful to be included in that fantastic display.


  1. ellie - it all looks so nice!
    you are doing so well!

    and i will be posting a tutorial for the little girl shirt later this week - and hopefully adult size instructions also . . .

  2. Oh it looks like a place I could live too!

  3. Congrats Ellie! The cushion looks PERFECT in the window.


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