Wednesday, 1 July 2009

help needed

So, I have crazily, stupidly, crazy-crazy-crazily only just signed up to do the Southbank Young Designer's Market (YDM). It's on this Sunday! ummm, yes, I'm doing the BrisStyle Indie Designer's Market (BIDM) on Saturday. So, only two sleeps to finish off everything on my list. And, then double it for two markets. I'm not sure it was the best of ideas to sign up for a market only 3 days before it's on.
Oh, well. I'll have lots of smiles to offer my customers. If I sell out of everything, then I'm quite alright with that.
What I'm needing is a little bit of help. I'm going to be joined on Saturday by my dear friend Kelley and her sweet mag. But I'll be all alone at the Sunday market. Wondering if anyone out there (ok - anyone in Brisbane) wants to come along to Southbank this Sunday (5th July) and hang out with me for a few hours. In case it gets busy, or it's totally boring and having someone to chat to would be good, or if I need to run off and have a toilet break.
Do any of you lovely lovelies want to be on the other side of the table, and see how a market happens. You'll need to bring lots of water, and a packed lunch is a good idea, and be ready for lots of chatting and meeting so many friendly people. I've met some great new friends at markets.

Please do let me know via email (redseedstudio AT gmail DOT com) or leave a comment here, if you feel like you could help me out.
(Must admit that the pay is zero, but the perks are pretty good!).


  1. Hey there, just popped you an email - i'm free if you need me :-)

  2. i wish i lived on the same continent as you . . . .

    wouldn't that be fun? :D

  3. hey ellie, I will hopefully be going to the YDM on sunday so if I'm there i'll definitely help you out for a bit. will let you know on saturday... I'm just not sure of my plans/workload yet. thanks :) tess x

  4. Hey Ellie, I am also free Sunday so if you get stuck pop over to my stall tomorrow.

  5. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Hi Ellie, Welcome to BrisStyle! Hope to catch up with you tomorrow at our Indie Designer's Market. Cheers, Amanda :)

  6. Good luck, I hope you do well at both sales! I can't wait to hear about them!

  7. HI Ellie,Hope you got some help for the YDM yesterday...Was nice to meet you at the BIDM Saturday ;)


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