Monday, 17 August 2009

and the winner is......

my sister picked a number, this morning, for the draw of my little giveaway.
the purse and fabric goes to number 14, who is Sandrine - she blogs here, and sells her exquisite hand felted pieces here.
i was chatting with Sandrine the weekend before last at the Boutique Market, and she is a beautiful, friendly and generous woman, so i'm glad she won this little giveaway.

Also, if any of you live in Sydney, or know the city well - i'd love some ideas of lovely places to visit. my sister + i are going down on wednesday, with our friends Kelley + Ben.
we have scheduled lots of child-free shopping time - hours and hours of carefree wandering. interspersed by some visiting the art gallery and the stitches and craft show. as well as the most decadent looking high tea (where we've already decided that we'll bypass the cucumber sandwiches in favour of extra chocolate fountain).

*** beautiful photos are from Sandrine's Etsy shop - thank you for letting me use them.


  1. Hurrah for Sandrine!

  2. Wow! I feel sooo happy,honored, excited...(lots of emotions!) to win this beautiful giveaway from you Ellie! Thanks for your very kind words you just made me feel so special;)Thanks again and again...Sandrine xxxx

  3. Congratulations Sandy!

    I hope you have a wonderful trip. Sounds like a good plan bypassing the sandwiches for the chocolate fountain.


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