Thursday, 17 September 2009

babushka bottoms in my Creative Space

A few views of my creative space, from today.
Sewing up some babushka's from Kristen Doran fabric panels, to use as a display for our Racecourse Rd Street Party market stall. Do come and have a look at the market if you live nearby.
The kids helped me to stuff the babushkas, now I only have to sew up their bottoms.
I also made a puffy 'bushka purse, for fun.
They really are such sweet little creatures to work with.
My little creatures keep asking me which one is the mum and which one is the dad.

Looking down at the floor of my sewing room; hmmmm..... need some housekeeping in here. Will someone call the robot vacuum cleaner please (as I sure aren't going to do it anytime soon!).

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  1. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Send that robot over here when it's done at your place please.

    Lovely little babushkas.

  2. I'm in the queue for the robot too. I love the look of your scraps on the ground, they tell their own story.

  3. Aren't they lovely :) The purse looks great! I love how my little ones feel the need to figure out the mum, dad, big sister and little sister amongst any group of inanimate objects... so cute.

  4. Oooh I need a robot too!!! I love your dolls, clever children you have ;)

  5. I adore Babushka dolls and your dolls are no exception. Fabulous little helpers you have there too.


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