Sunday, 13 September 2009

in case you can't notice

that big blue moving ad thing there, i want to tell you about it. firstly, it's not an ad. well, not a paid advert in any case. just click on it, and have a look. i told you about the premiere we went to in Sydney. well, this is what it's all about. there is going to be a global premiere for this fantastic movie. check out if there's somewhere near you - cause if there isn't you can set it up yourself as an indie screening.
this movie is self funded - and word of mouth is one of their biggest (free) funding methods. it doesn't have massive backing (actually, any backing) from major industry types.
but it's a film that is so important, a film that needs to reach people who wouldn't normally go and see a film like this. if you have a friend who thinks "climate change" is a load of rubbish, take them along. it's beautifully shot and so well put together. the story intermingle and mixes - news footage with family stories, and fantastic little inserts of cartoon-like bits.
visit the age of stupid website here, check out cinema time and locations here, and get 'cleverer' over on the not stupid site.

enjoy your weekend. i'm back to the sewing.

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