Thursday, 24 September 2009


only a few days ago it was my nephews birthday. and i realise that i've forgotten to call him, again. or send a card or present. so, here i am - hoping he or his dear mama may be reading this.
Happiest Birthday T.
here are some photos we took at their house last month. have i shown these before - i think not.
this was a beautiful weekend, spent with the treasures of family, in a magical location. lots of laughing and games and talking, and happily not too much bickering.

T - please let me know if there's something special i can make for you, that you'd like.

so - if we forget to ring you, remember we love you and think about you, and talk about you in our daily life.


  1. looks like a fun, cozy, happy home. :)

    and i know what you mean about getting behind on birthdays . . . i do it, too . . .

  2. I just did the same!!:( So here I am crafting something today to hopefully create a nice prezzie!Oh your post remind me how much I miss my family (back in France...)Take carexx


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