Saturday, 10 October 2009

the colours of delicious-ness

The whole of Brisbane is sprinkled with rainbow colours.
We went to the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens this week (no photos -sorry, too much with two kids, no pram and a big picnic bag!). But everywhere we looked there were rainbow colours - colours of Spring. When we sat eating our ice-cream (choc for the boy, strawberry for the girl) we looked at could see the golden cane palm (which really are golden), the red, pink, maroon canna lillies, the purple, pink and white roses, the flowering cacti, the tall tall tree in full yellow bloom, and the little yellow and orange daisies. And then all the different green tones as well. I'm going out again next week, and will remember my camera.

Around the corner from our house is an amazing tree that has a tall straight trunk, the tallest in the street, and a big head at the top of brightest yellow blossom. They've fallen to the ground, like yellow snow.
The skyline, everywhere you drive, is dotted with the purple of jacaranda.

And only this week, right inside my sewing studio is the most delicious berry of all - this new fabric is hemp / organic cotton. I have it in 13oz weight or 9oz weight. And I'm going to be screen printing it this afternoon.
I'm imagining it with our ferns, in shimmery iridescent silvery white. As a skirt. Maybe next week I'll get to that. Today, I'm printing white smoke on the berry hemp and the black hemp. (If the kids are *helpful*, and let me get a little work done!).
We will be at the Boutique Market tomorrow 8am - 1pm at Portside. A lovely family day out.

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  1. oh! reading your description of spring makes me wish very much that we didn't already have snow on the ground . . . but we do. we'll be dhopping and stacking some firewood this afternoon . . . i'd rather have spring. :)


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