Saturday, 3 October 2009

night tree

I just changed my wallpaper!

Now we all know that I didn't actually wallpaper my house, don't we. We know my computer has a pretty new picture on it. Oh, redecorating is so fun and easy and quick. All you do is click, click, click and it's done. Clean up in computer land isn't much harder is it.
Not so easy when I turn away from the glow of the screen and look at the "real" house behind me - the sewing room, the kids bedroom, the clothes to put away, the carpets to vacuum........... We all know why we spend so much time on these pretty computers of ours.

Anyway, my new wallpaper is from Tiel's blog, tsk tsk. It's the Night Tree. Free wallpaper, isn't that lovely and sharing - letting us all enjoy her artwork. Thank you Tiel.

PS - I may have a giveaway next week, depending on if condition are good or not....
Also, signups for my PIF end on Monday - I've decided to not limit it to only three, so anyone who comments will receive a special gift from me if they commit to pay it forward.

1 comment:

  1. If only real wallpaper were as easy to remove and replace - and as cheap!


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