Friday, 2 October 2009

ring-a-ring-a-rosie skirt

Yesterday Sam took Ari out, on a need-get-makings for skate bracelets trip. Mishi and I stayed home. To try and keep her happy (that she hadn't been able to go with the boys), we had some 'girl time'. She went looking in my fabric cupboard and came out with, of course, pink and also orange butterfly fabrics.

We decided on a skirt, which was loosely based on the pictures in this book. All the instructions are in Japanese, so I just made the skirt up, but the diagrams are very excellent and it also has pattern pieces, if you feel inclined to use them (which I rarely can be bothered to do).

And she's declared it the ring-a-ring-a-rosie skirt. Though of course, being somewhat of a nudist, she doesn't want to actually wear the skirt. I put ribbon in the waist band casing, instead of elastic, so that it will fit her growing body for longer. It has three layers; I used elastic bobbin to get the frilly bits. I'll do up a pattern next week, if anyone's interested in knowing how to do it.


  1. I LOVE elastic thread...and I have been wanting to do a tiered skirt!! This looks GREAT! And much easier than cutting several different tiers!! Tutorial? YES, please!! :)

  2. Hehe - she strikes a confident "my skirt is kind of falling down and I don't wear tops, by the way" kind of pose! Lovely result for your girlie time.

  3. "somewhat of a nudist" is my favorite part.


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