Monday, 30 November 2009

little collections to share

I am really enjoying having my little tumblr page to collect the things I discover during my little wanders around {blogland}.
Maybe I'll have more of my own, from wanders around {real land}.
I'd love you to share some of your own favourites, on my tumbling page, if you like.

*'love hope joy' image used with thanks from Sweet William.


  1. i like your tumbling photos and images. :)
    and i will send you some pics later on, when i get to uploading later today.

    i hope you are having a lovely day!

  2. love your tumblr! :^)

  3. Ohh fantastic, It is showing the real thinking that is coming from straight of your heart. Thanks... it may be the wish for new year. Happy new year to all here.

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