Saturday, 14 November 2009

this afternoon


this afternoon
the kids were out
at my sisters.
after my meeting
in a tidy house
{visitors are always a good
to tidy
my house}.
a quiet house
work to be done
doing it
and thinking
and planning
and writing.

i take a moment
to sit
on the back

i wrote more than a week ago - a life time ago.
the house is quiet. kids at their grandparents (sam's parents) for the day. while i do paperwork and tax and boring things like that.
i eat polenta for lunch, with some things thrown in
exactly the way i like to cook when i'm at home on my own
no-one to fuss or turn their nose up
one pot
for ease of cleaning.

have a look over here, at these fantastic doorstops. she may even be making some, or something similar at least, for our December markets.

*these are a random assortment of photos, taken a while ago (Sept) at a friend's beautiful house in the forest. they are making me happy right now, a quietness.

enjoy your weekend my friends. xxx


  1. The photos go well with your thoughts. What a lovely home. Wish I could join you on your verandah for tea.

  2. Very nice photos, quite dreamy and quiet. Enjoyed visiting your blog.

  3. Oh how those times came back to me....when the kids where young and staying at there grandparents... the lovely feeling of having the house to myself and all the time in the world....Nowadays with teenage daughters I sit home alone wondering where they are and worrying.... And I ask them " where are you going? Oh, just out Mum! "

    Take care

  4. exactly the way i like to cook when i'm at home on my own
    no-one to fuss or turn their nose up

    i know what you mean. :) and i love the photos as well.

    i also really like your new banner. it's so funny to know that you you are having summer now while we are having fall and winter . . .


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