Wednesday, 25 November 2009

to mark the dates

There is no calendar on my walls this year.
Is that the reason I'm so disorganised?
I decided that I didn't want to buy one of those regular calendars again; one year we have The Hungry Caterpillar, one year we had beautiful Antarctic photography by Frank Hurley, one year we had Degas, and Klimt. And many others I can't even remember.

 2010 Art Calendar by Gretchenmist - this one will be on my wall next year.

I have already bought my calendar for next year. But I'm still seeing more and more in my online looking - and keeping wanting more and more. Is that because I want to, need to be more organised next year. Or is it because there are so many amazing calendars around.
And I don't mean the ones from regular shops (though I have noticed a theme with them this year, that they are mostly all being printed on 'eco' paper - which is a good thing).
I mean the beautiful hand crafted ones. The ones I see on PaperNStitch (of that one page search, there are many that I do like), or Etsy (though out of that 4,463 I'm not sure how many I do actually like - and to be totally honest with you - have not searched through all of them!), or on blogs here and there.

Above top: The Art Of... Calendar by Emily Ann
Above bottom: Tea Towel Calendar by Cicada Daydream

Hand Screen Printed Advent Calendar by Kristen Doran

I'd love to know your favourite calendars for next year - one can never be too organised!

*All images used with thanks. Click on each image to be taken to source. 

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  1. thanks ellie, am honoured that you chose mine! there are so many gorgeous calendars available now, it's actually hard to chose one :)


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