Thursday, 24 December 2009

eve of christmas

an almost tidy house
flowers to enjoy
a candle and incense
blueberries and biscuits
kisses and cuddles
one kid fast asleep, curled up tightly
one kid lying awake watching the window for a glimpse of santa and his reindeers

a very small, yet thoughtful, stack of gifts under our tree
still a bit more making tonight - those last minute plans
christmas eve is a beautiful night
full of magic and stillness
the excitement of tomorrow
the anticipation of new year and new resolutions and hopes and dreams

but mainly - the now. the stop and enjoy and let go and be.
the still and quiet.


  1. Hope your Christmas is as beautiful as your words!! Have a safe New Year!!

  2. It is really very sweet Christmas evening. We have enjoyed it very nicely. Thanks for wishes.

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