Friday, 4 December 2009

kids lettering and aprons in the garden

Isn't this super cute.

I love kids drawings and lettering and words. Especially on textiles.
I do think we'll do a range very soon. Every drawing and design we do, Ari sits down beside us and does something too. I love the images he shows me countless times a day. Total inspiration for me in doing my work.

Which I'm doing lots of at the moment. Doing hand drawing for my new patterns has been fun and exciting. Really good for me to get back into drawing, in a free easy way. And then, to have people actual like it - that's a massive bonus.
{Growing up in an artistic family can be both good and bad, and I've spent many years thinking that I wasn't really an 'artist'. And having to labour over drawings and paintings. But when I just let myself go and not put too much effort into it, then it flows easier.}

Come along and see us tomorrow, at the BrisStyle Indie Designer's Market at St Augustine's Church grounds, Racecourse Rd, Hamilton. 9am - 4pm. We'll have heaps of new patterns and sewing kits. As well as our fabric fats for you to add to your stash. And of course our funnest little toy ever. So, pop in and say hi - won't you. 

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