Monday, 15 February 2010

in fairy land

Just a couple of images from our little fairy party yesterday. Mishi turned 3 on Friday (still to write her birthday message), and we had a little celebration over the weekend. 
I'm hoping my father-in-law has some good photos, as I didn't get time to take many more than this. 

We made tissue and fabric flowers and hung them from the roof. I was imagining what it looks like in fairy land, with all the flowers being quite bigger than the little fairies and elves. I had a whole image in my head - but of course not the time to execute it all. I was very happy with our pretty flowers. 
{thanks Steph for the reminder}.

The little cupcakes were meant to look like mushrooms and pink flowers, they all had beautiful butterflies fluttering in them. The sugar butterflies are from a fellow Bris-Stylette - I don't normally use a lot of sugar or have lollies, etc at our parties, but these were so pretty and for the little three year old fairy I thought it would be a lovely topping for our cakes. 
Do head over and have a look at Bel's new shop - I was so happy with them. I do quite like these little birdies too - perhaps another party!

We're off to have more cakes for morning tea. While most were gobbled up yesterday, I managed to save a just a couple for lingering over today. 
*I was much too busy being the hostess yesterday to enjoy any cake, so am yet to taste them properly - but was told they were delicious. 
*Thank you to my sister, who was such a great help with everything yesterday. She looked so wonderful too - as a white fairy princess, with her tutu-petticoat and red plaits. (no photo, sorry Sylv).


  1. Happy Birthday Mishi! Three is a great age to be (hey I'm a poet!) Cupcakes work so well instead of birthday cake, I'm a huge fan - and yours look fantastic! I always have great plans for birthday parties too but I know that Hazel just loves the idea of a party for her that she doesn't care so much what it looks like, which is good because the decorating fever usually runs out long before I've achieved my goals (and a good thing too!) Crepe paper streamers are the pinnacle of party decorating as far as she's concerned, that and balloons, and long may it stay that way!

  2. Happy birthday to your little mishi!What a great mummy she has to have organised all that fairy fun!

  3. Happy birthday Mishi! Happy days to the whole family.

    P.S. Guess what? Anna's back!!

  4. Your little cakes looks amazing Ellie, and I am so glad the birthday had a great day too

    Bel xx


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