Thursday, 4 February 2010

a treasure walk

After dropping Ari at school on Tuesday, Mishi and I walked home collecting treasures in her little bag. She loves taking little handbags and purses with her on our outings.
We found some special magic fairy stones - she picks them up from the ground and looks up at me with the most amazed and excited expression on her little face. Such joy in finding a stone that the fairies have left for her.

Picked flowers from the 
roadside garden beds. 
Or blown, 
across the path. 
Found dried 
discarded feathers 
and leaves in late 

We came home and got out a giant piece of paper. 
Pencils, treasures, sticky tape. 
What a beautiful morning to spend with my little one. 
Just us two girls. 

Drawing fairies, 
with leaf wings, 
flower dresses 
and pencil shaving 

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  1. Oh the joy of spending time with children. So much to learn from their way of looking at the world! Thanks so much for charing!


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