Saturday, 20 March 2010

easing back in

i am not doing a terribly terrific job of easing back into "life after holiday"

11 days without kids,
without having to cook, clean or look after myself

oh - it's hard to come home to the noise and mess and life of a home with two busy little ones

since flying back home on Tuesday morning, i've barely been at home at all
no time to unpack a suitcase, heaving with dirty washing, dyed fabrics and memories of time away
no time to email new made friends, or catch up with old friends
barely time to even look at my photos

so today, Saturday, i've had to say no to a few things so that i can settle into the week afresh, tidy the house, and clear my mind ready to make all those 11-days of dreaming come to life. {tidy my desk and work room as well, ready for lots of new work to be designed and produced}.

here's some images from my time away in NZ.
i'll be back later this weekend with an account of my time spent on that beautiful organic farm, amongst apple and pear trees, sleeping in that sweet little caravan, finding wind blown treasures to wrap up in the luscious wool and silk fabric and simmer and boil in the pot of leaves.


  1. popped in for a visit and was rather surprised to find i was already there! have been a follower for a while
    but only now has the penny dropped...
    [btw Roz has come up with a lovely plot for Brisbane in September]


  2. beautiful images Ellie ......and grand week
    so glad YOU took one of the fabulous little caravans under the trees ..i only had that image of my caravan in my mind


  3. thanks to India I came here and like your blog!
    What a wonderful workshop it must have been!


  4. Ah the Divine Miss I. I have been lucky enough to have attended 2 of her workshops and would be more than happy to do more.

  5. just popped over from Indi@'blog to see yours. Wow, such a great place to be and to expierence nature's treasures. Keep them alive now your at home again! Will have a look to your other posts soon.

  6. I also came here through India's blog. What a wonderful workshop you've attended! And it must have done you a lot of good, being a mum of young children. I hope India will come to the Netherlands one day.... Love your blog.

  7. I too popped over from India's blog.
    After i had a workshop with her in Belgium last year it took me weeks to get back to "normal"life.
    I'll come back.

  8. Oh Ellie, I've come because you so kindly visited me yesterday (thanks, as I read you've been busy these days !) ... and I can't believe my own eyes that YOU got to see, walk, talk, work, create with India. I have her book next to me, and wow, the joys of internet, I read you were with her. (I'm falling from my own chair now LOL) You must have lived unforgettable moments, that's for sure. Oh my, what a thrill !
    I wish I had a garden to make dyeing plants grow, but alas, I don't even have a balcony. :( Buuut, as you read on my blog, I've managed to dye with eucalyptus growing in my parents' neighbors' garden. It's still in the bath as I'm typing this.
    I hope coming back to life at home isn't too much, I imagine what it must have been.
    have a great weekend, Ellie.
    thank you so much for sharing this with us !
    hugs xoxoxo

  9. Oh my gosh Ellie, it looks like you've had an amazing time away, so earthen and creative!

  10. Hi Ellie,
    just found you had joined the homage associates...lovely to have you link up! Look forward to meeting sometime as we live in the same part of the world.
    This workshop post is heaven...i just read about India doing one is Bris... want to look into that!
    Shall be back!

  11. amazing photos, love your inspiring blog
    A bientot....

  12. Oooh. I loove the pictures. I will try to feel the air, the sun, the companionship and the earth as I fall asleep tonight. Wierd? Yes, but you touched something inside of me. Love.


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