Tuesday, 27 April 2010

from seed

Top image}  A little shoot growing up from a seed.
One night while we were making salad dressing {lemon juice + olive oil + honey} we found a seed that had already just started cracking open. 
Ready to send forth roots and a shoot.
I gently placed it in the soil in our little window box on our kitchen window. 
A space that gets regular watering and not too much hot afternoon sun. 

Little by little each day we have watched our seed grow. Even since taking this photo, a few days ago, it has grown taller with proper leaves opening up.

Bottom image} A piece of mandarin left on our bench, half eaten by Mishi's little mouth.

One day we will eat lemons and mandarins from our own grown trees. This little shoot is the first. A hopeful first. A dream growing to fruition. Even if it takes many years of tending before we have our own fruits.

Other things} It also seems as if Ari has suddenly shot up taller and taller. I don't even recall when it happened - but he is now tall enough that he fits under my armpit quite easily. Just tall enough for me to lean upon him. 


  1. So lovely to see new life! It's like magic isn't it!! And to have your own home grown fruit...that would be simply lovely :)

  2. how do kids do that?
    one day they are their usual selves, the next they are so tall and grown-up looking . . . it's wonderful, but it causes a little twinge in your mama-heart, doesn't it.

  3. Beautiful shoots Ellie, I like how you remind us the miracle of life!Hope you are having a wonderful day ;)x


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