Wednesday, 9 June 2010

mantra to remember

in this busy.can everything world i often forget that if i don't do everything then it's still okay.
if i don't achieve every dream
or read every best seller
or sew everything on my wish list.
if i don't clean the house as well as i should
or have a perfect dinner prepared every evening for my family
or have freshly folded laundry put away in every cupboard.

life will be okay.
yes, i can do anything.
but i need to learn that i don't have to do everything.

*found on tumblr. from here.


  1. Oh Ellie in think we're soul sisters.

    BTW I love your banner juxtaposing the landscape with what looks like a very tidy fabric stash. Love it!

  2. I think I need to print this out and stick it up all over the place.

  3. Love this!
    Will carry that thought with me today.
    xx Lea xx

  4. Thanks for reminding me too :) Maybe I will put it on the fridge in BIG LETTERS! xx

  5. Oh yes. Wise, wise words. How easily they get buried under the 'shoulds'.

  6. Oh I love this! In fact, I've just added it to a blog post I was writing! Perfect! Hmmm... maybe I could get it tattooed onto the back of my hand...


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