Sunday, 27 June 2010


Here's some lovely images from Ashey's sk8 (skate for an 8 year old) party last weekend. It was such a lovely day - the cloudy, rainy sky cleared up, the sun came out and everyone had a beautiful time. One of Ashey's friends kept announcing "I'm so happy" and "this is the best party ever" - that's an excellent thing to hear from an 8yr olds mouth, isn't it. 
Look at all those kids on their boards or bikes or scooters. 
And only my sister (ok, actually I'm sure lots of other people would do it too, but I loved noticing it anyway) would colour co-ordinate her fruit with colanders so well.

And finally - one of Sam on his board. He's still complaining about a sore body after having such a good skate. Think that means a) he's getting old or b) he needs to get out on his board more often or c) both a + b!


  1. Here I am sitting in my warm office on a monday morning doing boring stuff.....and just for a sec I took a quick surf around Blogland....and your photos made me go all warm and smiley.... I LOVE the one of your daughter (?) on the skateboard.

    You made my day!

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Your fearless! Looks like a wonderful time:)


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