Friday, 3 September 2010

Craft Hope Giveaway

So, here it is - The Craft Hope Book - in all it's handcrafted goodness and "spreading the seeds of hope one stitch at a time". It was on my desk waiting for me yesterday afternoon (I'm sure Mishi was disappointed that it wasn't for her, but happy enough to see the lovely book anyway - with lots of great projects and pretty pictures to look at).
I love the format of this book, easy to sit and look at, easy to have by your side while you're sewing or making, easy for the kids to look through. {Easy for me to find the page where our project is.... the lucky last project in the book}. And all the special heart-warming photos of smiling and happy children.

There are so many bloggers here, who I love reading and am inspired by. A very short list includes  {BlueYonderRanch} Stefani,  {Soulemama} Amanda, {One Red Robin} Jhoanna, {Maya*made} Maya, {A Foothill Home Companion} Molly, {Geninne's Art} Geninne, as well as a whole heap more. The full list can be found on the Lark Crafts site.

The projects in this book at achievable and versatile; there's a great assortment from quilts to bags (yes, my stencilled book bag) to sweet dolls, dresses, and carved stamps. Make them for yourselves, a gift for friends or family, or send them on to one of the many charities mentioned (there's often more than one charity for each project, as well as ideas for local to you options).

I have one copy of Craft Hope :: Handmade Crafts for  a Cause to giveaway. To enter, please tell me what crafting you would like to do to help out your community (be it near or far community - world or local) or those in need. I'll keep the giveaway open until next Friday 10th September, some time late in the evening. I'll even sign the book especially for you - and perhaps there'll be a little extra something in the parcel as well.......


  1. I have just started on some little dresses for Premature babies in hospital. I also want to join the Blankets of Love which make little quilts for babies in hospital.

  2. I am involved with our Womens and Childrens hospital and raise money for that. We also make tiny knits for prem babies as well as for older ones whose parents dont have much.
    A lot of our fund raising involves catering or running large scale affairs which certainly bring in the money, the latest is an art exhibition with a low bottom price and a silent auction so lots of things get done.
    I think the book would be a wonderful source of ideas.

  3. I often find myself knitting for the community - the Guardian Angel project, squares for the Salvos and jumpers for Fish and Chip Babies in Africa. But I love the idea of sewing for others in need - quilt blocks, simple dresses and shorts, etc!

  4. I'm itching to start a softie for "softies for Mirabel" if it happens again this year - otherwise I'm sure I can find another useful home for it!

  5. I've been crocheting some squares for knitted/crocheted blankets for AIDs orphans in Africa. I'll certainly be making another softie for the Mirabel foundation if that is happening again this year and I'd also like to make some premmie baby clothes for babies born at the hospital where my children were born. I love the idea of creating for people in need.

  6. i think that soft toys for kids to hug and play with.
    i would like to give joy and beauty to any child in need by making a nice soft toy.

    i hope to find the time to do so, soon

  7. i would love to find more opportunities to crochet for the community. i participated in craft hope's red scarf project and loved it.

  8. I have just discovered a local couple organising personalized bed quilts for foster children. 50 quilts have been made already. As I am not a quilter, but wanted to be involved in this great project, I will be donating a couple of bags of fabric to a local lady who wants to quilt all year round. This means there will be spare quilts for new children entering the foster care system.

    I am also interested in the fantastic projects through Craft Hope, that I discovered through you blog. Although I think I am too late for the pillowcases. I'll be watching out for the next project.

  9. Our local children's hospice is always in desperate need of funding. This book would be a great source of inspiration for items for me to donate for their Christmas fete, and a few gifts for the children as well.

    Good luck one and all.


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