Thursday, 23 September 2010

tonight... abcd

 I'm heading out tonight. And leaving Sam at home with three kids (Ash will be having a sleepover). Sounds nice, doesn't it, esp. considering we're in school holidays and all three kids have been at each other for most of the day and I do believe they've really tipped me over the edge this time...........

I'll be hanging out with Kim and the other creatives who turn up at the Udessi + Bondville ABCD (artists + bloggers + crafters + designers) get together. (Unfortunately Steph won't be there, as she now lives in Sydney - but I do think she has events happening down there too). Check out the facebook page for upcoming events. {I'm not much of a facebooker, so I'm not really over there - but I do believe there may be a just a small handful of people who hang around there....}.

Details (if you can sneak out of the house later tonight) are: 7 - 9pm. Bar Alto, Powerhouse Museum, New Farm, Brisbane. And bring a little something to put in the wonderful gift bags that we all get to bring home.... (I'm preparing my little addition right now as I write).

*image used with thanks from ABCD Meetup.


  1. Have fun!I sooooo wish I could escape for such a great thing, oh well another reason to move!!x

  2. I'm admiring your addition to the goodie bag as I read your blog! :) I'm also busy writing a post about last night. Thank-you for the beautiful buttons! Hope enjoyed your night out!


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