Thursday, 21 October 2010

{my creative space} stacks and layers and piles of beautiful fabric

My creative space over the next few weeks will include stacks and layers and piles and stitches and lots of beautiful beautiful fabric. and screen printing, too. and cutting and sewing. and organising. and deciding. {all for this reason}.

These are some extraordinarily beautiful pieces of vintage Japanese Kimono silks and cottons. Scraps and off-cuts, all tidily rolled into unassuming bundles. These will be curated into little zippered purses and a new version of the Cumulus Clutch. And perhaps, only perhaps, if I have time some cushion covers as well.

But for now it's all about picking and choosing and layering and deciding which colours and designs and patterns match best together, or clash best together as the case may be. I'll show you the finished results once they're done.

These little piles of orange glowing loveliness are for some new skirts in the collection. I cut them before we went on holiday, and will be picking them up from my sewer/machinist in a few days (when I drop her off some more work). to help me out; more time for me to design and create, rather than unpicking fussy and disobedient zips!

The orange is a Japanese cotton with sweet little leaves and blossoms. Combined with the black hemp/organic cotton. Sewn into a simple cut. Easy to wear - I've been wearing my sample for the past week.

Head over to Kootoyoo for some more creative peeps. 


  1. Those varying hues of orange are gorgeous. So rich!

  2. Loving your clothing range Ellie. Anything suitable for maternity wear?!!

    And the kimino off cuts. Yum.

  3. Absolutely stunning, if only my ageing body could wear them!

  4. Oooooohhh! I can't wait to see the results! Great idea on getting a machinist! I'm thinking I need to go down that route as well, I never get to the machine these days!

  5. Oh I can not wait to see your beautiful collections Ellie, I know it will be fabulous!I bet you are super busy thought!
    PS: My Pin cushions left last week on MOnday :)

  6. hi...visiting you from kootoyoo... Gorgeous fabric stacks! Love the skirt too (great cut!)

  7. Absolutely drooling over those fabrics. The skirt is wonderful.

  8. it's gorgeous, love the patterns/fabrics. really like the idea of having help to get things finished too :)

  9. all of those rolls of fabric look just dreamy. cute skirt too


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