Wednesday, 10 November 2010

more house inspiration

our house is just a wee bit teeny tiny much too messy at the moment (still picking up thread from all the sewing for the market weekend....). these images are fueling my imagination, and providing moments of beauty in my day. total inspiration for our own home building next year. 

Newly remodeled lounge/living room, from the Queen of all beautiful, and quirky, Ms Rummage ::

Not sure if I've posted these (below) before, but I love everything about this house. It's Geninne's. I love everything about her design and art work as well, and it flows into her house so beautifully. This house is exactly as I can see myself living. That grey/slate blue wall with the wooden window frames is perfect, don't you think. You can see more of the house here.

I really can barely wait until we can start building our own home. From ground up. It is taking much longer to get to the start of the prep and design and ideas and planning as it should. We are caught up in being in Brisbane still, and won't be able to really start until Sam finishes up at his work, and Ari leaves school, and we move down onto the land. Then, it will start. In the meantime, I dream and think and plan and wish.

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  1. how exciting - it does look like an amazing house. We always thought we would build and maybe we still will but for now, getting more sleep seems to be our main golden goal in life. We will live vicariously through you!


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