Monday, 22 November 2010

peonies + pippi

My sister gave me these beautiful beautiful flowers last week. She brought them home from the market on wednesday, as a little surprise gift.
They arrived as tight buds, and have slowly unfurled over the days to this full glorious bloom.
I love their pungent, earth, musky perfume.
Sometimes we (Sylv + me) say to each other that we don't deserve fresh flowers unless our house is nice and tidy. But sometimes the nice and tidy doesn't happen, or stay for long enough. And beautiful flowers are what one needs to ignore/life with/tolerate the mess that happens with two small (crafty.messy.playful) children combined with the rest of things that happen in life. {yes, my house is a mess again!}.

Thank you Sylv for these very very beautiful flowers. I'm enjoying watching and enjoying them in our front room. And even taking some fun little photos with them.

{these two are fuzzy, due to low light-photography conditions, 
but i love the shapes and lines and colours. don't they look like frilly dancing dresses! 
especially with that ripple of pink along the top edge of the petal.}

We are reading Pippi Longstocking at the moment. I bought it, on a whim, at the bookstore, in mind to keep it for a Christmas gift for the kids. It's illustrated by Lauren Child, of Charlie + Lola fame. The kids are loving listening to the crazy antics of Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim's Daughter Longstocking. We've been reading one or two chapters each day for the past three days now, and they both sit and listen with rapture at the funny things pippi does and says. And wait for the great pictures of Pippi rolling out biscuits on the floor, or riding her horse to school.

I love that they are both old enough now to sit and listen to chapter books. Old classics are the best way to go - we've been working on Wind in the Willows (which I think they are a little too young for still). Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox, George's Marvelous Medicine and Charlie are also much loved readers.


  1. Gorgeous peonies! They're one of my favourite flowers and it kills me we can't grow them here in Auckland. Amazing to think there are some things that grow better in Canada than here! Including raspberries :(

    We have that Pippi book too, I love it. We haven't read it for awhile though, we need to start back into it. I tried reading Hazel Wind in the Willows last weekend actually, but I could tell it wasn't doing it for her. The language is quite old-fashioned which I'd never realised before! Another 6 months and I'll try again. I also tried The Magic Pudding which is one of my absolute favourites since forever (despite the fact I only discovered it in my 20s) and that went a little better but she was mostly amused by the drawings of Uncle's whiskers I think :) The one I'm really hanging out for is the Hobbit, and the Narnia books. Next year! Swallows and Amazons, The Railway Children - I'll be gutted if she doesn't love them as much as I do! I was looking at Rebecca by DuMaurier up on the shelves the other day and looking forward to her reading books like that for the first time too, but I guess I'll have to let her find them on her own, you can't make them read things at that age! A second-hand book seller in Sydney once told me that he always buys DuMaurier books when they come in because there's always a high turn-over of then as most women go through a phase of reading them all!

  2. Stunning flowers. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your flowers are lovely and a creative house can't always be tidy!


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