Monday, 31 January 2011

this creek,oh yes,this creek

We have spent every day since we got here (one week ago) at this creek. Doing what my siblings and I have done since we were kids :: slipping out of our clothes; skipping and jumping over rocks; building dams and towers; dipping our bodies into the (not the warmest) water; giggling; shouting; painting ourselves with ochre rocks -reds,whites,yellows,browns can all be found here.

I grew up in this creek and it gives me endless joy to sit with my little ones and be with them while they explore and play. Learning the ways of being a bush baby seems to come naturally to children. {I was scared my kids would be too citified, but it seems all is okay}.

Thanks to Shanti (see comments on previous post for blog link -will have to work links out another time), who pointed me in the direction of the app blogpress to use on my phone with photo blogging. If you're reading and seeing photos above, then it's working. Yah!

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  1. Love the creek - it brings back such happy memories of camping and makes me want to go out with my boys and do the same.


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