Tuesday, 29 March 2011


The girl and I are having hot cocoa. We whiz the milk up with a little battery whisk machine. Frosty cocoa is very good.

In NZ they call them 'fluffies', here in Australia we call them babycinos. Well, when you're at a cafe anyway.

At home we made simple yummy hot cocoa. We just use Cadbury cocoa powder, would love to say that we use organic, but really our budget doesn't stretch that far for cocoa. We mix it with a little sugar and warmed half milk / half water.

Just so you know, the girl posed and directed all these photos, she wanted me to take more and more. She is a little poser, that's for sure!

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  1. We call our local cafe 'The Fluffy Shop', which confuses the heck out of everyone else :) I bought one of those battery whisks and it was awful, we just have non-fluffy hot chocolates. And it's almost the season to transition from cold chocolates to hot too!

  2. fluffies! I love it and want to use it for all time now!


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