Sunday, 19 June 2011

fine, chilly morning

I am still in bed -hence it doesn't look like this at the moment. {that's our new birthday blanket from L, beautifully hand stitched from Bholu}.
The weather report says fine, chilly morning. That's true - 3degrees C outside this morn. Sam + the kids are sitting in front of the fire having their cereal (breakfast delight) with warm milk and honey from down the road.

I have a busy week ahead -this slow country life seems to be picking speed in certain areas; mostly with me having to be away from home and not here starting building our home.

I just wanted to say a big big heart felt thank you to all of you for stopping by (and baring with all this "slowness"), leaving sweet comments and sharing your life with mine. I enjoy that sharing so much more than I could ever have known when I started this blog so long ago.....

I'll leave you with a joke from my (just about to turn 5) nephew: "what do you call a fossil that doesn't work? ....... Lazy bones".

Enjoy your Sunday my friends.

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  1. It's so odd you being cold (when I always think of QLD as being tropical) and us so warm - we were up to about 19 or 20 yesterday! Not so nice today but I haven't even put on a jersey yet.

  2. I reckon that nephew joke is just about to make my Middle's day!

  3. What a beautiful blog Ellie! I am enjoying having a look around. Judy


Thank you for your words and thoughts. I do so appreciate each and every visitor to my blog. While I try hard to reply to your comment, it often doesn't quite happen..... know that I'm sending you a thoughtful thanks xxx

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