Saturday, 11 June 2011

right now

These photos all taken inside today. Dark inside, where I was / am. Sunshine was outside; it passed me by today.

I was sitting by the bedside of an elderly neighbour while her carer /partner went to town for food and a short time out. While it was an easy day, I am not an excellent "carer" and cannot make endless chatter with someone I barely know. The hours quietly slowly slipped by for us both. (photos are my current crochet project, I'll show you more another time and the Lino flooring at Eileen's house).

And now afternoon tea with the two little ones home from school. Gen Mai green tea. Bread, local honey and fresh ricotta cheese. On our pretty plates, saucers and cups - most of them from the local op-shops (a perk of small towns is the cheaper op-shops).

Now I am sitting by the fire. It is predicted to be another cold night tonight, down to 3C.

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