Thursday, 21 July 2011


one day, last term, Sam + i were in town (both kids at school + pre-school).
we were at Sam's favourite eating* place, in town.
i suddenly said i wanted to colour + cut my hair.
at the hair-dressers.

now, one thing - i have never ever not once in my whole entire life had a hairdresser (or indeed i believe anyone else) put a pair of scissors to my hair. i have had a hair-dresser dye my hair only a handful of times.
growing up my mum always hennaed our hair. after she died i didn't henna it for a long long time. it seemed like a ritual that wasn't right without her doing it.
i dyed my hair, or got Sam to do it sometimes with those yukky buy-from-the-supermarket type dyes.
i also one or two times hennaed my hair myself. i didn't feel right; doing it myself.
and life never configured to have a sister do it for me either.

so, on that day a few weeks ago i walked into the hair-dresser in town who had been recommended (and where we took Mishi for her stylish little swishy do).
they use organic, natural products.
they have a lovely minimal, yet pretty interior.
and they are lovely women who work there.

so, here it is. a before photo taken self-portrait with my phone. trying, of course, to be arty and also not really get my face. the last two are afters. bit hard to notice, but take it from me - my hair is much much shorter than before.

there's some during photos too.... like the organic tea they bring you (a whole menu with organic teas + coffee). [the hair on floor photos were taken by the kids, one each].

i do like it. and my hair is now much healthier. and has some good style to it - she cut some nice little bits of shaping into it, so it sits well.
but it's just the teensiest bit too short. i keep going to tie it up in a knot as i used to at the nape of my neck or on top of my head. i've had to find hairbands (i always always use pieces of old stockings that i cut up, so soft on my hair).
so, i'm growing my hair again...........

*Sam enjoys going to The Austral Cafe in town. It's one of those places that's been around for a long time (since 1919 in fact). We used to go there as kids, for hot chips. They still make milkshakes the old fashioned way - malted milk in those metal containers. Makes me think, perhaps I should do a post of Murwillumbah buildings as it's a very pretty town with some lovely buildings and historic look to it.


  1. Oh the little snippets looks lovely Ellie!!I miss my organic hairdresser here...Looks like it might be a little trip for me to try yours? I would love seeing some pictures about the interesting places, cafes, op shops, markets around where you are...Places we could go and try on the weekend?

  2. I remember when I cut my hair from waist-length to shoulder length, that it was a bit like sheding a skin. A letting-go. I hope you enjoy your new hair/skin, Ellie.


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